What is Time and Facts About Clock

Measurement of time is an important aspect in our daily life, It helps us to prepare our schedule and work in an orderly manner.

Facts about clock

The face or dial of the clock is divided into 12 equal big divisions. The space between every pair of two consecutive numbers is divided into 5 equal small divisions. The dial is divided into  (12\times 5)=60 small divisions. The clock has two hands a longer hand and a shorter hand, the longer hand is called the minute hand, and the shorter hand is called the hour hand.
1\text{ hour}=60\text{ minutes}
1\text{ day}=24\text{ hours}

Use of a.m and p.m

  • The time between  12 midnight and 12 noon is denoted by a.m (ante-meridian).
  • The between  12 noon and 12 midnight is denoed by p.m (post-meridian).

4 a.m refers to  4 o’clock in the morning.

 4 p.m refers to 4 o’clock in the evening.

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