Using place value, solve for the product of a single digit multiplied by a double digit multiple of ten

In this lesson you will learn how to find the product of a single digit multiplied by a multiple of ten. There are a few tricks that will help you remember how to solve these equations. Take the simplest way first. Let’s look at  6 \times 70 = 420.

We know that  6 \times 7 = 42, now we simply add a 0 onto our product and we get an answer of 420. This works when multiplying ANY single digit number by a multiple of 10.

Take a look at the following representation:

The ones place is to the far left, the tens place is in the middle, and the hundreds place is to the far right. Each one of these visual representations shows the value of each digit. (NEW INFO)

After studying the above information lets represent our previous equation using base ten blocks. We know that  6 \times 70 = 420. The ones on the left represent our 6 and the 7 tens boards on the right represent our 70. Essentially, this equation is asking us to add 70 six times.

You Try:

Represent the following equation using base ten blocks…  8 \times 30 = 240. Remember to reference the above pictures if needed.

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