Use Of Bar Graphs With A Different Purpose

Bar graphs can be used for finding the measures of central tendency also, as we know the observation with the more frequency is the mode hence the bar with the tallest height must be the mode of the data.

Choosing a Scale

It is important to choose the scale according to the given data as the length of the bar depends upon the scale we choose.

Bar Graph

It is the representation of data with the use of bars of the same width and the length of bars depends upon the number of frequency.

Here we can see that the highest number is 14 and the lowest number is 7 so we can take the scale of one.

By the graph, we can observe that jazz is the most preferred form of music by the students.

Double Bar Graph

This is the same as the bar graph just the two bars are joined off to represent two data on the same graph. This is used to compare certain information.


Represent the number of wild animals found in two states given below in double bar graph.

Wild AnimalsKarnatakaTamil Nadu
Rhino 1522


  • Here we have chosen a scale of 5.
  • The x-axis represents the name of wild animals.
  • Y-axis represents the number of wild animals.
  • The blue bar represents the number of animals in Karnataka.
  • Pink bars represent the number of animals in Tamil Nadu.

This double bar graph is used to compare the number of animals in different states.

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