Use arrays, models, and groups to demonstrate dividing by whole numbers

To solve division equations you can also use arrays and grouping, similar to what we used to solve multiplication equations. Multiplication and division are inverse operations of one another, this means they can be used to check answers. This strategy will also be modeled during this lesson.

Please see the below modeled strategy, we are going to model an array to show equal groups. We will use rows and columns to solve this equation. Rows run left to right and columns run up and down. As you can see below we have modeled 54 small triangles using 9 rows of 6. This model is a great way to determine how many items would be in each equal group, in this case we have 6 triangles in each row and 9 triangles in each column. 

Another strategy we can use to solve this equation is called grouping. We can take 54, and partition it into equal groups. Remember, partition means disperse. Take a look at the model to the right to see how this strategy will work.

Using the space below, solve the following equation using both the array and grouping strategy. Take your time and check out the examples above if you get stuck.

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