Trigonometric Ratios

In a right angle triangle, the ratio of its side and the acute angles is the trigonometric ratios of the angles.

In this right angle triangle\angle B = 90^\circ . If we take \angle A as acute angle then –

AB is the base, as the side adjacent to the acute angle.

BC is the perpendicular, as the side opposite to the acute angle.

Ac is the hypotenuse, as the side opposite to the right angle.

Trigonometric ratios with respect to \angle A

Ratio Formula Short form Value
Sin A \dfrac{{perpendicular}}{{hypotenuse}} P/H BC/AC
Cos A \dfrac{{base}}{{hypotenuse}} B/H AB/AC
Tan A \dfrac{{perpendicular}}{{base}} P/B BC/AB
Cosec A \dfrac{{hypotenuse}}{{perpendicular}} H/P AC/BC
Sec A \dfrac{{hypotenuse}}{{base}} H/B AC/AB
Cot A \dfrac{{base}}{{perpendicular}} B/P AB/BC
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