Terms related to circle

  • Chord: Any straight line segment that’s both endpoints falls on the boundary of the circle is known as Chord.
  • Diameter: Any straight line segment or Chord which passes through the centre of the Circle and its endpoints connects on the boundary of the Circle is known as the Diameter of Circle.
  • Arc: Any smooth curve joining two points is known as Arc.
  • Circumference: It is the length of the circle if we open and straightened out to make a line segment.
Tangent and Secant

line that touches the circle at exactly one point is called it’s tangent.
line that cuts a circle at two points is called a secant.

Segment and Sector of the Circle

A segment of the circle is the region between either of its arcs and a chord. It could be a major or minor segment.

Sector of the circle is the area covered by an arc and two radii joining the centre of the circle. It could be the major or minor sector.

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