Terms Of An Expression


To form an expression we use constant and variables and separate them using the operations like addition, subtraction etc., these parts of expressions which we separate using operations are called Terms.

In the above expression, there are three terms, 4x, – y and 7.

Factors of a Term

Every term is the product of its factors. As in the above expression, the term 4x is the product of 4 and x. So 4 and x are the factors of that term.

We can understand it by using a tree diagram.


As you can see above that some of the factors are numerical and some are algebraic i.e. contains variable.

The numerical factor of the term is called the numerical coefficient of the term.

In the above expression,

-1 is the coefficient of ab .

2 is the coefficient of b2 .

-3 is the coefficient of a2.

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