Symmetry and Pattern

We see various objects and figures in our daily life. Some of these figures and objects are symmetrical and some are asymmetrical.

The two parts on both sides of the dotted line are exactly identical. If you fold the figure along the dotted line, the two parts exactly overlap each other.

Such figures are said to be symmetrical and the dotted line is called the line of symmetry.

Symmetry in geometrical shape


  1. Square:- A square has  4 lines of symmetry-two diagonals and the lines joining the midpoints of pairs of opposite sides.               
  2.   Rectangle:- A rectangle has 2 lines of symmetry.               
  3. Triangle:- A triangle with all sides different lengths is not symmetrical about any line. A triangle with two sides equal is symmetrical about the line joining the common vertex of two equal sides to the midpoint of the opposite side.                      
    A triangle with all sides equal has 3 lines of symmetry.                                         
  4. Circle:- A circle is symmetrical about its diameter. A circle has countless lines of symmetry.                         
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