Subtract Whole Numbers up to and including 1,000

Just like in addition, you will also need to have a strong understanding of place value to subtract numbers. When subtracting remember we are taking away, not adding too. There are multiple strategies that can be used to subtract two numbers. Let’s use these two numbers 576 and 351. One number is larger than the other, we will work on subtracting small numbers from the larger ones and our answer is called the difference. The value of the 5 in 576 is 500, the value of the 7 in 576 is 70, and the 6 is of course 6. Same applies to 351, the 3 has a value of 300, the 5 has a value of 50, and the 1 has a value of 1.

Try Performing Mental Math this way:

576 and 351

 \textbf {500 - 300 = 200}


 \textbf{6 - 1 = 5}

The difference would be 225.

Another strategy that can be used are number lines. Number Lines are a visual representation used to solve equations.

Another important component of subtracting is estimating and rounding. Let’s continue using the same numbers but estimate an answer. Follow along with me as I think aloud…

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