Some Special Cases

There are some special cases in which we can construct the quadrilateral with less number of measurements also.


Construct a square READ with RE = 5.1 cm.


Given Re = 5.1 cm.

As it is a special quadrilateral called square, we can get more details out of it.

a. All sides of square are equal, so RE = EA = AD = RD = 5.1 cm.

b. All the angles of a square are 90°, so \angleR = \angleE = \angleA = \angleD = 90°

Step 1: Draw a rough sketch of the square.

Step 2: To construct a square, draw a line segment RE = 5.1 cm. Then draw the angle of 90° at both ends R and E of the line segment RE.

Step 3: As all the sides of the square READ are equal, draw the arc of 5.1 cm from the vertex R and E to cut the lines RD and EA respectively.

Step 4: Join A and D to make a line segment AD.

READ is the required square.

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