Solving One Step Word Problems using multiplication

This lesson will focus on using multiplication embedded into a single step word problem. When solving one step word problems it is important you slow down and read carefully, you want to ensure you are answering the question correctly. We have learned multiple strategies thus far that will assist us with solving one step word problems. For example, you can use arrays, skip counting, repeated addition, or grouping.

Take a look at this example…

Bryan has 36 tomatoes in his garden. If Bryan planted 9 tomotates in each row, how many rows are there?

Let’s begin by creating groups of 9 tomatoes. We created groups of 9 tomatoes until we reached our total amount, which was 36. This leaves us with four equal groups of 9 tomatoes.

This equation would read  9 \times 4 =36, \: 36 is our product. Remember, the product is the answer of a multiplication equation.

Now you try…Solve the following one step word problem using one of the previously learned strategies.

There are 6 carts with 3 bags of grapes in each cart. How many grapes are there in all?

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