Solve One Step Multiplication Word Problems using unknown numbers

There is a strong relationship between multiplication and division, these two operations are called inverse operations. When multiplying two factors students are solving for a product. When students are dividing, they are taking the dividend and dividing by the divisor to find the quotient. It’s important to remember that when you see the ”=” sign that means the ”same amount as.”

For example,   3 \times 4 = 12 and 12 \div 3 =4. The product of a multiplication equation becomes the dividend of a division equation when checking your work. Please be able to explain this process both on paper and out loud as you work through equations that are missing information or that contain an “unknown.”

Aaron has 7 barns and 49 total cows. How many cows will Aaron have in each barn?

Below is an  equation that shows the information we do not know. The unknown factor is represented by a question mark. Sometimes the unknown factor is represented by a star, a triangle, a letter etc. If it is not a number, that means it is unknown and we must solve it to figure it out.

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