Solve One step Division word problems using unknown variables

Previously, you learned  the relationship between multiplication and division. For this lesson specially we are going to focus on using division. When reading a word problem and its specific to division, the first step is going to be to figure out which piece of information is missing. Are we missing the dividend, the divisor, or the quotient?

Let’s walk through this example together…

The school is planning a field trip. There are 63 students and 9 seats on each school bus. How many school buses are needed to transport students to their field trip?

Let’s start with the information that we have… we have our dividend and our divisor, the unknown is the quotient.

We could set the equation up like this…  \bold{63 \div 9= ?}

Remember the unknown in the equation is the information that we do not have. We can use any of our previously learned strategies to solve this equation. Let’s use an array!

I have portioned 63 using nine columns until I ended with six in each one. That tells me we would need six buses to transport our students.

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