Representation of fraction on number line

Fraction can be represented on a number line. Any fraction has a point associated with it on the number line.

For an example: –

Mark \[\dfrac{1}{2},\dfrac{1}{3},\dfrac{1}{4},\dfrac{1}{6} \ \text{and} \dfrac{1}{8}\] on the different number lines.


  • Draw a number line
  • We know that \dfrac{1}{2} is less than 1 and greater than 0, so we have to divide the gap between two equal parts and then marks the middle points as \dfrac{1}{2}.

As the denominator is the whole and the numerator is the part, so we have to divide the gap 0 and 1 in the number of parts as the denominator is given.

For \dfrac{1}{3}, divide into 3 equal parts.

For \dfrac{1}{4}, divide into 4 equal parts and so on.

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