Reflection and symmetry

The line of symmetry is also called a Mirror Line because the mirror image of an object is symmetrical to the image. When we see an object in the mirror. Then, there is no change in the length and angles of the object except one thing that is, the image is opposite to the original image.

Some examples of Reflection Symmetry

  1. Paper Decoration

We can use a rectangle sheet to fold and create some complicated patterns by cutting paper.

  1. Kaleidoscope

In Kaleidoscope, mirror is used to create pictures having various lines of symmetry. Two mirrors’ strips forming a V-shape are used. The angle determines the number of lines of symmetry.


Which alphabet will remain same after reflection symmetry? Check for R, C, N, A and T.


In the alphabet reflection symmetry, the alphabet looks opposite in the mirror that is, the alphabet written from right to left will appear as written from left to right.

Hence, C, N and R will not look the same after the reflection

Hence, A and T will look same after reflection of symmetry.

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