If we represent the data with the pictures of objects instead of numbers then it is called Pictograph. Pictures make it easy to understand the data and answer the questions related to it by just seeing it.

We can easily answer the questions like who has a maximum number of toys, who has the least number of toys etc.

Interpretation of a Pictograph

In the pictograph, we have to understand it and get the information from the pictures given.

If we have to represent more number of items then we can use the key which represents more numbers with one picture.

Example The number of cars parked in a parking lot every day is given in the pictograph.

  • Find the day when the highest number of cars are parked and how many?
  • When the least number of cars did park?


In the above pictograph one car represent 5 cars.

  • As there is the maximum number of cars is shown on Tuesday so the highest number of cars was parked on Tuesday.

Hence, 40 cars were parked on Tuesday in the parking lot.

  • Least number of cars were parked on Monday as there are only 4 pictures of cars are shown on that day.

Drawing a Pictograph

Drawing a pictograph is an interesting task but it may be difficult to draw some difficult pictures repeatedly as we had used cars in the above example so we can use easy symbols to draw a pictograph.

We must use a proper key of the symbols so that it could be easily understood by anyone.

Example The following table shows the choice of the fruits of the 35 students of class 3.represent the data in a pictograph.


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