Pairs of Lines

1. Intersecting Lines

If two lines touch each other in such a way that there is a point in common then these lines are called intersecting lines.

That common point is called a Point of Intersection.

Here, line l and m intersect each other at point C.

2. Transversal

If a line intersects two or more lines at different points then that line is called Transversal Line.

3. Angles made by a transversal

When a transversal intersects two lines then they make 8 angles.

Some of the angles made by transversal-

  Types of AnglesAngles shown in figure
Interior Angles∠6, ∠5, ∠4, ∠3
Exterior Angles∠7,∠8,∠1,∠2
Pairs of Corresponding Angles∠1 and ∠5,∠2 and ∠6, ∠3 and ∠7,∠4 and ∠8
Pairs of Alternate Interior Angles∠3 and ∠6,∠4 and ∠5
Pairs of Alternate Exterior Angles∠1 and ∠8,∠2 and ∠7
Pairs of Interior Angles on the same side of the transversal∠3 and ∠5,∠4 and ∠6

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