Organization of Data

  • The data that is collected for the first time is called raw data or ungrouped data. When the data is arranged in any data it becomes grouped data. When the data is very large, it is difficult to arrange them in a grouped form. In that case, small bars are used to represent data: such method is called Tally Method.

To get the required information, all observation should be recorded. We depict each observation with the help of tally marks.

Tally marks are used to organise the observations. Record every observation by a vertical mark, but every fifth observation should be recorded by a mark across the four earlier marks. Fifth observation tally marks look like this: \bcancel{{IIII}}.

For example, we have a group of persons and their sizes of shoes. The tabular form representing the tally marks is as shown here. Here, \bcancel{{IIII}}III shows the count to be five plus three (that is, eight).

Shoe SizeTally marksNumber of Students
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