Words Kilo Hecto Deca Deci Centi Milli
Meaning 1000 100 10 \dfrac{1}{10} \dfrac{1}{100} \dfrac{1}{1000}

Measures of length

The standard unit of length is metre (m).

The units of length higher than metre are \text{km},\ \text{hm},\ \text{dam}.

1\text{km}= 1000\text{m}.

1\text{hm}= 100\text{m}.

1\text{dam}= 10\text{m}.

The units of length lower than metre are \text{dm},\ \text{cm},\ \text{mm}.

10\text{mm}= 1\text{cm}.

10\text{cm}= 1\text{dm}.

10\text{dm}= 1\text{m}.


  1. 6 \text{km}= \Box\text{m}
     1\text{km}= 1000\text{m}
     6\text{km}= 6\times 1000=6000\text{m}
  2. 8 \text{cm}= \Box\text{mm}
    1 \text{cm}= 10\text{mm}
     8\text{cm}= 8\times 10\text{mm}=80\text{mm}
  3.  3\text{km}\ 25\text{m} into  \text{m}
    \begin{array}{ll}3\text{km}\ 25\text{m} & =(3\times 1000)\text{m}+25 \\& =3000+25\\&=3025\text{m}\end{array}
  4.  80\text{mm} into  \text{cm}
    80\text{mm}=(80\div 10)\text{cm}=8\text{cm}
  5.  5165\text{m} into  \text{km} and  \text{m}

    \begin{array}{ll}5165\text{m} & =5000\text{m}+165\text{m}\\& =(5000\div 1000)\text{km}+165\text{m}\\&=5\text{km}+165\text{m}\\&=5\text{km}\ 165\text{m}\end{array}
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