The numbers that are utilized to address numbers less than unit 1 are called decimal numbers.

Decimal point isolates the dfractional part and whole number part in a decimal number. 

Place value of a digit can be characterized as the estimation of a digit according to the spot of that digit in a number.


  • 191.8\; = \;191\; + {\rm{ }}\left( {\dfrac{8}{{10}}} \right), 8 occupies the tenths position.
  • 191.86\; = \;191\; + {\rm{ }}\dfrac{8}{{10}}{\rm{ }} + {\rm{ }}\dfrac{6}{{100}}, 6 occupies the hundredths place

Representing decimals on a number line

Example: Represent 1.3 on the number line.

  • 1.3 is more than 1 but less than 2.
  • Divide each unit length into 10 equal parts. From 1, take 3 parts to the right and we will get 1.3.
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