Probability is the study of the uncertainty. The uncertainty of any doubtful situation is measured by means of Probability.

Uses of Probability

Probability is used in many fields like Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Commerce, Biological Sciences, Medical Sciences, Weather Forecasting, etc.

Basic terms related to Probability

1. Randomness

If we are doing an experiment and we don’t know the next outcome of the experiment to occur then it is called a Random Experiment.

2. Trial

A trial is that action whose result is one or more outcomes. Like –

  • Throw of a dice
  • Toss of a coin

3. Independent trial

A trial will be independent if it does not affect the outcome of any other random trial. Like throwing a dice and tossing a coin are independent trials as they do not impact each other.

4. Event

While doing an experiment, an event will be the collection of some outcomes of that experiment.

Example If we are throwing a dice then the possible outcome for even number will be three i.e. 2, 4, 6. So the event would consist of three outcomes.

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