Interpretation of a Pictograph

  • In the pictograph, we have to understand it and get the information from the pictures given. If, we have to represent a greater number of items then we can use the key which represents more number with one picture.


The number of cars parked in a parking lot every day is given in the pictograph.

One car represents 5 cars.

  • Find the day when the highest number of cars are parked and how many?
  • When the least number of cars did park?
  • solution

In the above pictograph one car represent 5 cars.

  • As there is the maximum number of cars is shown on Tuesday so the highest number of cars was parked on Tuesday.

1 car is equal to 5 cars. So, 8 cars are equal to 8 \times 5 = 40.

Hence, 40 cars were parked on Tuesday in the parking lot.

At least number of cars were parked on Monday as there are only 4 pictures of cars are shown on that day

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