Interpret patterns using a multiplication table

A multiplication serves as a visual representation when solving multiplication equations. You can find both factors and determine your product by using it properly. You can also pick up on patterns and trends that will assist you with memorizing your facts.

Take a look at the shaded area. You can see that we have highlighted all multiples of 6 in both rows and columns. If you run your finger over this patter using 6 \times 6 you will get a product of 36. However, the table shows you HOW you got there. You added 6, six times to get 36.

The first row and colomns are all zeros. This clarifys that anytime you multiply a number by 0, your product will ALWAYS be 0. Put your finger on the three on the left side, and put your other finger on the 0 in the top row. Both fingers will meet at 0, that’s because 3 \times 0=0.

Your Turn:

Put one finger on the top 8, and another on the 8 down the side. What product do you get? What patterns do you notice along the way?

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