Interpret patterns using a hundreds board

A hundred board provides a visual representation of counting numbers 1-100. Each row and column contain 10 numbers. You can use this board to add and multiply. For example, put your finger on the 6. Now move it directly below the 6 and place it on 16. This shows that  6 +10=16. You can also count 6 three times and see that  6 \times 3= 18. Using a hundreds board is a great way to create patterns to help you remember sums and products.

Patterns to Observe:

– Rows move from left to right

– Each row contans 10 numbers

– Each row is in order from least to greatest

– Row 1, is 1-10, row 2, is 11-10, row 3, is 21-30…etc.

– Alternates even, odd, even, odd…

– If you shade every 3rd number, 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18- you will see that all of these numbers are multiples of 3 because you are counting by 3’s (works with all numbers)

– Colomns move up and down

– You can add ten to each number and get the answer below it

Your Turn:

If you counted by 5’s and shaded each block you landed on what would happen? List the patterns and trends that you observe.

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