Fun with estimation

With the help of percentage, we can estimate the parts of an area.


What percent of the given figure is shaded?


First, we have to find the fraction of the shaded portion.

Use of Percentages
  • Interpreting percentages

To use the percentages in real life we must be able to interpret the percentage.


 If we say that Seema is spending 20% of her income then it means that Seema is spending Rs. 25 out of every Rs. 100 she earns.

  • Converting percentages to “How many”.


If 20% of students get a distinction out of 45 students in a class, then how many students got the distinction?


The number of students got distinction = [20/100] × 45 = 9.

Hence, 9 students out of 45 got the distinction.

  • Increase or decrease as Percent
    • Sometimes we have to find the increase or decrease in certain quantities as a percentage. Like the increase in population, decrease in sale etc.


The total marks of Charlie increased from 365 to 380 from last year’s result. Find the increase in percentage.


Original amount = Marks of Charlie last year = 365

Amount of change = increase in the number of marks = 380 – 365 = 15.


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