Figures with multiple (more than two) Lines of Symmetry

Take a square sheet of paper and fold it in two halves vertically and again horizontally. Open it and fold it in two equal halves diagonally. Then, again open it and fold it along another diagonal.

When you will open the paper. You will see four imaginary lines and these lines are the lines of symmetry.

Some more images with more than two lines of symmetry

  • Equilateral triangle will have three lines of symmetry.
  • Square will have four lines of symmetry.
  • Regular pentagon will have five lines of symmetry.
  • Regular hexagon will have six lines of symmetry.

Some real-life examples of symmetry.

In Taj Mahal and the butterfly, there is one line of symmetry and there are so many other things. Also, in our daily life which are having one or more lines of symmetry

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