Factors of Algebraic Expressions

Like any natural number, an algebraic expression is also the product of its factors. In the case of algebraic expression, it is said to be an irreducible form instead of prime factor form.


\mathrm{7pq = 7 \times p \times q =7p \times q = 7q \times p = 7 \times pq}

These are the factors of 7pq but the irreducible form of it is

\mathrm{7pq = 7 \times p \times q}


 \mathrm{2x\ (5 + x)}

Here the irreducible factors are

\mathrm{2x\ (5 + x) = 2 \times x \times (5 + x)}


The factors of an algebraic expression could be anything like numbers, variables and expressions.

As we have seen above that the factors of algebraic expression can be seen easily but in some case like 2y + 4, x+ 5x etc. the factors are not visible, so we need to decompose the expression to find its factors.

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