Equivalent Fractions

Equal fractions are called equivalent fractions. To get a fraction equivalent to a given fraction we multiply or divide the numerator and denominator of the given fraction by the same non-zero number.


Write next 3 fractions equivalent to \dfrac{4}{7} 


\dfrac{4\times 2}{7\times 2}=\dfrac{4\times 3}{7\times 3}=\dfrac{4\times 4}{7\times 4}

\therefore\ \dfrac{4}{7}=\dfrac{8}{14}=\dfrac{12}{21}=\dfrac{16}{28}

Fractions represented on a number line

Represent \dfrac{3}{7} on the number line.

Draw a line  XY.

Set off a line segment OA=1\text{unit}\ XY .

Divide  OA into 7 equal parts.

Each part represents  \dfrac{1}{7} OB represents \dfrac{3}{7} .


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