Data is a collection of raw facts and figures that give you information.

Recording Data

Recording of data depends upon the requirement of the data. Everybody has different ways to record data.

If we have to compare the choice of the people about certain movies then we have to collect the data of the survey which tells the choice of the people about those movies.

Organization of Data

Raw data is difficult to read, so we have to organize it in such a way so that we can use it in need.

Data can be organized in a tabular form.

Data is represented in a tabular form using frequency distribution and the tally marks.

Frequency tells the number of times the particular observation happened.

Tally marks are used to show the frequency of the data.


There are 30 students in a class. They have to choose one sport each for the sports period.5 took badminton, 10 took cricket, 4 took football, 1 took hockey, 3 took tennis and 7 went for volleyball. Represent this data in the frequency distribution table.


To make a frequency distribution table-

  • Make a table with three columns.
  • Write the name of sports in the first column.
  • Write the respective frequencies in front of each sport.
  • Mark the tally marks according to the frequency given.
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