Cubes Roots

Finding the cube root is the inverse operation of finding the cube.

We know that 3^3=27. We can also write the same equation as \sqrt[3]{27}=3. The symbol ‘\sqrt[3]{}‘ denotes ‘cube root‘.

Cube root using prime factorisation

We can find the cube root of a number by prime factorisation method by the following steps:

  • resolve the number into its prime factors. Consider the number 5832. 5832=(2\times2\times2)\times(3\times3\times3)\times(3\times3\times3).
  • make groups of three same prime factors.
  • take one prime factor from each group and multiply them. Their product is the required cube root.

Therefore, cube root of 5832=\sqrt[3]{5832}=2\times3\times3=18

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