Conversion of Solid from One Shape to Another

When we convert a solid of any shape into another shape by melting or remoulding then the volume of the solid remains the same even after the conversion of shape.


If we transfer the water from a cuboid-shaped container of 20 m \times 22 m into a cylindrical container having a diameter of 2 m and height of 3.5 m. then what will be the height of the water level in the cuboid container if the cylindrical tank gets filled after transferring the water. 


Volume of cuboid = volume of cylinder

\mathrm{l \times b \times h = \pi r^2 h}

\mathrm{20\times22\times h=\dfrac{22}{7}\times 1\times 3.5}

440\times \text h=11

\mathrm{H = 2.5\ cm}

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