Construction Of Triangles

The construction of triangles is based on the rules of congruent triangles. A triangle can be drawn if-

  • Three sides are given (SSS criterion).
  • Two sides and an included angle are given (SAS criterion).
  • Two angles and an included side are given. (ASA criterion).
  • A hypotenuse and a side are given for right angle triangle (RHS criterion).

Construction of a triangle with three given sides (SSS criterion)


Draw a triangle ABC with the sides AB = 6 cm, BC = 5 cm and AC = 9 cm.


Step 1: First of all draw a rough sketch of a triangle, so that we can understand how to go ahead.

Step 2: Draw a line segment AB = 6 cm.

Step 3: From point A, C is 9 cm away so take A as a centre and draw an arc of 9 cm.

Step 4: From point B, C is 5 cm away so take B as centre and draw an arc of 5 cm in such a way that both the arcs intersect with each other.

ABC is the required triangle.

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