Comparing unlike fractions

  • We know that unlike fractions with different denominators. Now, if their numerator are the same, then smaller the denominator, greater the fraction. However, if the two fractions have different numerator, then we find equivalent fractions of both and choose one from each such that their denominator are the same.

For comparison, greater the numerator, greater the fraction. Thus, we find the greater of the two given fractions with different numerator and different denominators.

In daily life situations, sometimes we have to add two fractions and sometimes we have to subtract one from the other. This is respectively known as addition and subtraction of fractions.

An example of the addition of the fraction is as follows:

Satish bought 2\dfrac{1}{2}kg sugar whereas Preeti bought 1\dfrac{1}{2}kg sugar. Find the total amount of sugar bought by them.

An example of the subtraction of the fraction is as follows:

The teacher taught \dfrac{2}{5} of the book. Yash revised \dfrac{2}{5} more on his own. How much does he still have to raise?

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