Circle Graph or Pie Chart

As the class interval does not start from zero, so we will put a jagged line which shows that there is no number between 0 – 800.

Circle Graph or Pie Chart

If we represent the data in a circle form then it is said to be a pie chart. This graph shows the relationship between the whole and its part. We have to divide the circle into sectors and each sector is proportional to its respective activity.

We use it when we have information on percentage or fraction.

Drawing of a Pie Chart

If we have the information in percentage then we need to calculate the respective angles to show them in the pie chart.

As we know that a complete circle is of 360°, so we need to calculate the fraction of 360° for every sector.


Draw a pie chart of the following percentage of genres of movies liked by the public.

Genres of MoviePercentage of the no. of people
Science fiction8%


To draw the pie chart first we need to calculate the angle by taking the fraction of 360°.

Genres of MoviePercentage of the no. of peopleIn fractionsFraction of 360°
Comedy27%\dfrac{27}{100}  \dfrac{27}{100}\times 360^o = 97.2°
Action18%\dfrac{18}{100}  \dfrac{18}{100}\times 360^o = 64.8°
Romance14%\dfrac{14}{100}  \dfrac{14}{100}\times 360^o = 50.4°
Drama14%\dfrac{14}{100}  \dfrac{14}{100}\times 360^o = 50.4°
Horror11%\dfrac{11}{100}  \dfrac{11}{100}\times 360^o = 39.6°
Foreign8%\dfrac{8}{100}  \dfrac{8}{100}\times 360^o = 28.8°
Science fiction8%\dfrac{8}{100}  \dfrac{8}{100}\times 360^o = 28.8°

By using these angles draw a pie chart.

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