Circle and line in a plane

The Relation between a Circle and a Line in a Plane

For a circle and a line on a plane, there can be three possibilities.

i) they can be non-intersecting

ii) they can have a single common point: in this case, the line touches the circle.

iii) they can have two common points: in this case, the line cuts the circle.

(i) Non intersecting  
(ii) Touching  
(iii) Intersecting

1. Non-intersecting Line

When a line and a circle have no common point then it is called a Non-intersecting Line with respect to the circle.

2. Secant

When a line intersects a circle in such a way that there are two common points then that line is called Secant.

3. Tangent

When a line touches the circle in such a way that they have only one common point then that line is called a Tangent. That common point is called the point of contact.

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