Mathematics Class VI


We have tried to put extra effort so that children can easily understand the terms. All the mathematical sections in this mathematics class VI book are defined in a great way. To grab this book, pay only $10.


The mathematics class VI book is based on the latest curriculum of CBSE. This book is presented by MathsGenii, which promotes self-learning or virtual learning. In this book, you will get direct questions and solved, explained answers. In this, every concept is cleared by our expert mathematicians. The whole team of MathsGenii feels happy to present this kind of book. This mathematics class VI book is engaged with deep assessments, worksheets, test papers, and so many other math lab activities. It also contains so many short tricks and tips to memorize the tough maths formulas. Those days were gone when you used the traditional method to solve a question. In this book, you will get thousands of methods to solve one single question and pick one that seems easy.

Here are the facts this book includes:

  • This book is prepared by considering the mind of children
  • The book is covered with so many real-life examples and comprehensive exercise
  • Well-written book and colorful illustration for kids
  • An interesting exercise for kids to sharpen their mind


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