Mathematics Class IV


The book is based on creative pictures that help your kid to be active in the classrooms. Math is an interesting study, and this book makes it more charming. Grab this book now by paying just $10.


MathsGenii presents the Mathematics Class IV books for all those kids who love to play with the numbers. These books are widely recommended to class 4 students. Each and every chapter includes detailed information with advanced concepts. In this book, we add so many animations and illustrative concepts that boost the mind of kids and create interest. This book mainly focuses on emphasizing reasoning skills and thinking ability. There are so many assessments that each and every chapter after the end. This Mathematics Class IV book is a result of the hard work of our experts because they collect these information and research from years. Every question you will get in this book has a detailed suggestions solution in a creative way. It covers the syllabus of ICSE and CBSE board, and the examples and situations are based on real-life situations so that students can easily relate with them.

The major points that attract people to purchase the books:

  • Situations are based on real-life and creatively written
  • Each question has a solution in the easiest way
  • Emphasize and promote kids by using the animations


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