Mathematics Class IX Question Bank


Get ready to be the master of mathematics by purchasing this exclusive book by MathsGenii. As per our name, we will help your kid like a Genii and get them out from all possible conditions. This book is a blend of our expert’s knowledge and their hard work. To place an order, just pay 30$ now.


Reading and solving the questions of mathematics is the real fun. If you have such kind of hobby and want to solve a complex problem, this book from MathsGenii helps you. Here we present the book Math Class IX Question Bank that we prepared by our lots of research work and dedication. This question bank contains all complex and a moderate levels of questions that are asked in the exam. You can gift this to your kid on their birthdays and encourage them to solve the questions. The Math Class IX Question Bank contains all the questions from different chapters of your syllabus with a proper explanation of answers.

Here are the crucial points covered by the book:

  • The questions are collected by the latest syllabus of CBSE
  • The questions are collected from the last ten years question papers
  • Include different kinds of questions starting from multiple choice to figure based
  • The analysis is done by the experts to collect the resources


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