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Our courses are popular based on the review and ratings by the students and parents.

Mathematics Class X Test Papers - 10 Years

Mathematics CBSE Class X Test Papers – 10 Years

MathsGenii All Courses

MathsGenii all Courses are the Maths-friendship hand towards the students who are not confident enough while doing mathematics. We stand by their side in all their ups & downs and ensure that they accomplish their maths goals. Besides, we furnish their problem-solving skills to do well in the final Maths CBSE examination.

Mathsgenii is an extremely customized maths tutoring site for you while sitting at home. We have developed by leaps and bounds to be India’s No.1 Online Maths Learning Program With tremendously talented Mathsgenii tutors.

Our program is designed especially for Class V – X students for preparing them for the board examination. To strive for an A+ in A-level maths, we help them develop their reasoning skills, fluency, and trust.

We give you year-long formal coaching for CBSE and ICSE Boards at a really manageable tuition fee. Also, we provide an exclusive session for clearing doubts, ensuring none of the topics remain unattended.

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The Ratio of Online Courses

The COVID-19 pandemic has stimulated the appetite of learners in online education. The reports about online studies say that a significant traffic influx is seen after Covid-19 compared to the past years. The pandemic has significantly hit the ratio of students.

People are getting smarter enough to get the most of the opportunity of sitting at home. The increasing interest in online studies has given a new direction to education and institutions. More people have engaged in developing online websites offering different academic, science, maths, etc.

Mathsgenii all courses is undoubtedly the best pick for you among them all if you are seeking the best results with your mathematics.

Foundation of Courses

Foundation is the crucial element for building a strong structure. Thus, for making the foundation of your mathematical systems, firm Mathsgenii is your preferred option.

We are keen to provide every possible solution essential for strengthening the students’ mathematical base and logical concepts. We have organized all our courses keeping in mind the needs of various school students. So, they can get most of the benefits from our online Maths Courses.

We offer our online maths program to the age group 7 – 15 of their academics. In terms of course content, our program is personalized for each student. For instance, we teach a Class V student those Math concepts relevant to it, such as Addition, Fractions, Multiplication, Decimals, etc. Whereas, a Class X student is taught those relevant concepts to him, such as our concepts of Algebra and even Trigonometry.

Select your concerned course and start your journey today.

Popularity of Courses

The popularity of the MathsGenii Online Maths Learning Program can be well observed from its ranking. Our courses are popular based on the positive & satisfied reviews and ratings of the students and parents.

It is a human mentality that we are eager about the things that someone else has already experienced. From shopping to tourism and business to education, people collect others’ feedback before trying. If something is online, their concern becomes more critical, and they get another chance to think it over.

But when it comes to polish your mathematical skills, you need not reconsider as we have listed our students’ and their parents’ feedback about Mathsgenii experience.

These rankings help the students and their parents to choose a course for them with us.

Online education was never better than that. Take a peek at Mathsgenii Popular Courses that hundreds of students have already taken if you are searching for an online academic course.

Duration of Courses

Our online courses’ duration is year-long, where an hourly class would be conducted within 24 hours. In which our experts will teach the students to practice academic mathematics and build their speed in problem-solving. Moreover, the students can choose whether they want a one-on-one class session or a format of one to many Classroom sessions. Mathsgenii runs very versatile courses, all at the speed of the learners. Our online program is personalized to settle the needs of every grade student.

What do you get from our online courses?

  • Winning test-taking tactics shared by strategists
  • Education of excellence at competitive prices
  • Free Online Worksheets on multiple subjects
  • Online study Books of each Class
  • Subject Notes for study
  • Exercises and Question for each chapter
  • Various exemplar problems
  • Previous 15+ years solved Question paper for guideline
  • Maths Sample Papers following latest CBSE Maths Syllabus

What do you require for our Online Courses?

  • Without any complications, you can use various Skype or Zoom platforms to navigate the online classroom.
  • For a better experience, we suggest a broadband service of 1mbps.
  • To join in the session and appreciate excellent sound quality, you require a good quality microphone headset or speakers and microphone.
  • To ensure it works, we will be happy to get a free trial session and then launch the classes according to your convenience and timetable.

Advantages of Courses

Compared to the standard method, you would be able to measure even quicker with Mathsgenii.

In split seconds, you will be able to do challenging calculations. Mathsgenii all courses will not only make math a fun experience but will make a remarkable difference to your confidence and self-esteem. Additionally, you are going to avail the listed advantages with Mathsgenii courses:

  • Enhancement in Accuracy and Speed
  • Get to know useful facts about Maths
  • Enjoy doing mathematics
  • Create curiosity in figures & numbers
  • Enhance Confidence & Memory
  • Boost intellect & behavioral endurance
  • Beat your contest & get your target in the final examinations

To help you learn expertise mathematical skills quickly & easily, you will find a course and a tutor at Mathsgenii.

We are also continually working on adding more material and courses here, with more updates coming soon.

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