Why Should Every 10th Student Appear for NTSE in 10th Grade?

Why Should Every 10th Student Appear for NTSE in 10th Grade?

Students of 10th Grade across all over India must have some idea about the NTSE exam India 2022. Students who qualify for this exam on the first attempt feel proud because they are qualified to receive so many perks. The National talent search examination is organized for 10th-grade students all over India. This is not just a regular competitive exam because it is a national-level exam where you will receive scholars until the end of your career. 

Why should you attempt this exam?

Appearing in the NTSE exam India 2022 is the wisest decision that you should take in your life. It not only helps improve your skills but also gives you a chance to compete with the best mathematician. This exam conducts to sharpening your thought by expanding your mental abilities.

The NCERT conducts the exam, and in reward, it gives monthly scholarships to the students. The exam is conducted in 2 phases, and students qualifying the first round can only sit into the second level. If you are a student of CBSE grade 10th, you can visit the official site and apply for the exam at the state level or national level. By qualifying for this exam, you will get some exciting awards that are given below:

  • Scholarships: The first benefit that you will receive after qualifying for the exam is that you can receive the scholarship monthly. You will receive 1250 rupees per month when you are in high school. The scholarship amount will increase to 2000 when you are going to the 12th standard and graduate level. The best thing is you can get financial support to complete your Ph.D. programs. If you plan to build your career in science & social science, you will get this scholarship to complete your doctorate. But if you are planning for the professional course, then you will receive a scholarship up to the postgraduate level.
  • Make your abroad study tour: Even the international universities and educational institutes count this result to give a seat to you. So, if you are planning to complete your study in international universities, then this rank will help you.
  • Get a seat in the top college of India: Some colleges in India have some reserved seats for a student who qualified for this exam. So, overall this is a gateway to get admission to the top colleges of India. It helps to improve your confidence level. Applying for this exam requires talent and dedication. It makes you understand to check their abilities and rank. It will be aware you about the strength and weakness on a specific subject.
  • Advantage during placements: Being an NTSE scholar will give you an extra perk when you are sitting in placement. This rank is useful in the selection of NDA and government jobs.

The preparation tips of NTSE exam 2022

If you are planning to attempt this exam in the nearest future, then you have very little time on your hands. Students preparing for this exam should be more idea about how to utilize their time. To help those students, here are some proven tips:

  • Know the exam pattern: Before attempting any exam, know the exam pattern or syllabus. Visit the official website of NTSE and check the syllabus. The exam will be conducted in 2 stages wherein one stage you have to show your mental aptitude and in another the scholastic aptitude. The questions asked in this exam are up to the 10th standard level.
  • Prepare a schedule: The next step you should take is to prepare a study chart and cover the topics before one month of the exam. Divide the entire syllabus into small parts and try to cover them all. Highlight the important topics or most asked sections as per the last year’s questions. Complete all the sections which carry the highest marks.
  • Give mock test: Once you completed your syllabus or reached half of them, try to give a mock test. There are so many online sites that provide mock test papers online. You can download those resources and give exams. In this way, you can check the timing and speed of your calculation. Revise all the sections one more time and keep your eyes on the important formulas and theorems.

Are you ready to attempt this exam?

If you are ready to attempt this exam in 2021 or 2022, then you need to build a full-proof plan for this. Make strategies and follow your goals. Every year, many talented students attempt this exam in which only some of them get ranked and received scholarships. Therefore, to fulfill your dreams to become an NTSE scholar, you have to give your best. Visit Mathsgenii & meet with the expert tutors to solve all your mathematical doubts to get rank in the NTSE exam.

Why Should Every 10th Student Appear for NTSE in 10th Grade?
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Why Should Every 10th Student Appear for NTSE in 10th Grade?

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