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The Rule of Vedic Math- Predict the future with faster calculation!

The ancient experts of India gave an amazing gift to the world, which is known as Vedic Math. Vedic is the word derived from the Sanskrit word “Veda”, which means knowledge. In Vedic math, you will get a collection of techniques to solve complex math problems in a faster way. This is the way to improve your mental activity. As you move to higher grades, you need shortcuts to solve tough problems. So, today we bring the facts about Vedic Math that your teachers won’t tell you!

The importance of Vedic Math in your life:

Vedic Math is the ancient method of calculations. Sri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji Maharaj was the father of Vedic Math. The formulas & tricks of Vedic Math is the way to describe how your mind actually works. Therefore, As a math lover, it plays a major role in your life. This is the way to solve math in the least time & with higher accuracy. Through this, an individual can carry out the calculation mentally rather than manually. It is still popular and performed by the students for solving the quadratic equation & polynomial functions. Overall, It will reduce the dependency on calculators and will help you in exams. 

Why should a student adopt Vedic Mathematics?

There are many Indian schools that include Vedic Math in their curriculum. Some schools also organize presentations & extra classes for this. Students find this topic fun and exciting because of its features.  

  • Vedic Math is derived from Veda that improves your mental ability, and aware you of the superfast technique to solve mathematical problems.
  • This is the way to convert the most hated subject, math, to the most blissful and playful subject.
  • Vedic math offers a completely new way to solve a mathematical expression with creativity and efficiency.
  • In this technique, you have to follow one certain way that is applicable to solve different kinds of mathematical problems. 
  • In each stage, you will make your mind lively, consistent and flexible. Through this, you can alert your mind to predict the future. It improves the clarity of thought and develops your brain.
  • It has a special feature that is potential and consistency to solve the problems by using your mind. 

What are Vedic Maths Features?

  1. Integrity: There are a total of sixteen sutras in Vedic math that are interconnected to each other and can be used to solve multiple questions.
  2. Simplicity: However, the Vedic Math technique, you can solve the most complicated question that has five steps with just one simple step. 
  3. Creativity: To solve any math problem, you need consistency and creativity. You should look for ways to solve any single problem.
  4. Faster results: In this, you have to do mental calculations. There are fewer steps, and that’s why the chances of achieving accurate results is more.
  5. Mental activities: Through this, a student can improve his/her abilities. It makes the student more confident and encourages them to solve more and more questions.
  6. Improve memory power: In this way, you can mentally solve the questions that will improve your concentration and memory power too.
  7. Application area: The Vedic math technique is useful in arithmetic operations, calculus, differential equations, integral, trigonometry, and all. 
  8. Algebraic use: When you know the way of solving math, then it is easier for you to apply it in any algebraic equation.
  9. Innovation: Vedic math is the most searched topic by experts. They use this technique to solve modern problems.

How does Vedic math help a student to predict the answers?

  • Vedic math helps students to solve any specific problem by applying sutras that improve brain.
  • Overall, through Vedic Math, you can minimize the use of calculators to calculating the facts.
  • In this, you need to make less efforts and can check the steps without any difficulty. However, It helps to improve your concentration.
  • A student who knows this rule has greater chances to perform better in competitive exams. Moreover, It saves a lot of time and energy. 
  • The best thing is you can use your brain to solve any problem. You don’t need to depend on the papers, pens and calculators to solve a question.
  • It helps an overall performance of a student by improving their willpower and confidence. Overall. through this, you can solve the questions of cube roots, square roots and many! 


Overall. this is a way that every student should know the Shortcuts to solve tough problems. However, This is a way to make the calculations easier and smoother. If you or your kids are feeling bored to solve tough math problems, then this will be purely blessings for them!

The Rule of Vedic Math- Predict the future with faster calculation!
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The Rule of Vedic Math- Predict the future with faster calculation!

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