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The Importance Of Pythagoras Theorem Class 10 In Practical Life

For the Maths CBSE board exams, we have often seen children cramming up the Pythagoras theorem. Most children learn this theorem by heart as their teachers or parents for one simple reason, passing the exam. The Pythagoras theorem can fetch you good marks, and you have to only learn it as per the NCERT online learning syllabus.

However, at MathsGenii’s online maths learning program, we have a different approach. We do not believe in mugging up things and only securing marks. We want our students to know things in a way that they can understand their practical usage.

When they learn things like the Pythagoras theorem in such a way, it will become a lot easier than it seems. When a child has to memorize something as complex as the Pythagoras theorem, the chances are that he or she may even forget the theorem when appearing for the real examination. But learning the practical usage and then applying the theorem that will make things easier. This way, the child will not just secure good maks but have the learning in their brain for their entire life. To make learning fun, we will discuss in this post some practical uses of the Pythagoras theorem in our day-to-day life. 

The Basic Explanation Of The Pythagoras Theorem

Before talking about the usage, we want our readers to know a basic of the Pythagoras theorem.

A² (Base of the triangle) +B² (Height of the triangle) = C² (Hypotenuse of the triangle)

Practical Uses Of Pythagoras Theorem

1. Two Dimensional Navigation

In two-dimensional navigation, like a plane landing at the airport, uses the Pythagoras theorem. With the Pythagoras theorem, the airport authorities will guide the pilot about the point from where the descent has to be made. Let us understand this concept in more detail. The height of the plane from the ground is the height of the triangle (B). The distance from the airport is the base of the triangle (A). With these two figures, the airport people will figure the hypotenuse (C), or the point from where the pilot will start making a descent. The Pythagoras theorem also helps in navigating ships. With known figures, one can calculate the right distance and guide accordingly. 

2. Construction Projects

The Pythagoras theorem plays a significant role in the working of architects, masons, and carpenters. While this theorem a²+b²=c² helps in various construction activities, we will discuss using it in making a sloped roof. For the sloping roof, the architect will use the Pythagoras theorem to find the sheet you will require for the top. The architect knows the height of the building and its base. They have to apply the theorem to find the hypotenuse or the length of the roof’s slope. 

The architect can give an exact figure of the sheet area that the roof’s construction needs. The same will also help the carpenter cut the supporting pillar at the right angle and adequately hold it up. The Pythagoras theorem also helps the builders in building square or the symmetrical shape of the buildings.

3. Cartography / Map Drawing

For creating maps for various purposes, the Pythagoras theorem helps the surveyors. A cartographer or surveyor’s job is to calculate the distance and height between the different boundaries or points. Since the terrain is not even to calculate accurate figures, the Pythagorean theorem plays an important role.

With this theorem, the surveyor will find the angle or slope of the mountains and hills. With the Pythagoras theorem, the exact distance on the maps is calculated. In this process, the surveyor will find the length with a telescope and a stick. The stick is kept at a distance, and the surveyor looks through the telescope at the stick. The height of the stick is the height of the angle between the stick and telescope. The angle between both is at 90° (the stick and the telescope). With the Pythagoras theorem’s help, the surveyor can now calculate the exact length and steepness of the slope. 

Various theorems and calculations in mathematics all have practical usage in our life. We should encourage our children to use them in their life. We do the same in MathsGenii’s online maths learning program. To enroll in our program, visit our website

The Importance Of Pythagoras Theorem Class 10 In Practical Life
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The Importance Of Pythagoras Theorem Class 10 In Practical Life

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