Here is the ugliest truth revealed- Why students fail in mathematics!

Here is the ugliest truth revealed- Why students fail in mathematics!

Mathematics is the least favorite subject for the students, which means most of the kids hate mathematics. No matter how hard the parents try to teach their kids, they failed. Most of the students are struggling with mathematical concepts, and their struggle is not just limited to their marks but proceeds to their career. The lack of understanding results in poor performance in CBSE mathematics. Getting lower marks in math becomes the greatest concern. But to solve any problem, first, you have to discover what the reason is? So, today we are discussing the reason that uses children fail in the subjects!

Reasons why students fail in mathematics?

  1. Attitude towards the Subject: Success and failure decide upon the attitude of a person. The same thing applies to mathematics. If a student hates math, then they don’t have an interest in solving math problems. Learning becomes difficult when you have a bad attitude and performance in CBSE mathematics. When a student thinks that he can’t perform well in the subject, then the inner soul of their body will develop a phobia that makes a barrier.
  2. Teaching Method: The teaching method also matters because a student should be clear about the analytical topics. A good teacher always used different methods to teach the subject. The teaching methods play an important role. A teacher should select a style that helps children even after completing the class. If you teach students in an effective way, then the student has the ability to solve tricky questions.
  3. Lack of Connection: Students also fail in mathematics because of the lack of communication between teachers and students. The poor result also shows the lack of connection between students and subjects. When a student doesn’t have any connection and support, then they get scared about the subject and start performing poorly in their academics.
  4. Self-Doubt: Students have been suffering from peer pressure to achieve greater marks in mathematics. Because of the high pressure, the students fail in mathematics. Their mind doesn’t support them, and they are not able to bear the mental pressure which they receive from their school and parents. As a result, they go through stress and anxiety. When you go through the constant comparisons, then you feel self-doubt, and once a student feels self-doubt, their ability and performance in solving math questions get shattered. 
  5. Low IQ: Effective teaching skills, Peer pressure, and a hectic environment are not just only reasons for bad performance in math. Lower IQ level also plays an important role in determining whether a student can able to memorize the stuff or not. This is the least discussing factor because no parents want to listen that their child has a lower IQ level. Having a lower IQ is a common thing, and you can improve it by performing yoga and eating the best diets.
  6. The limited time of focus: Most of the students can’t focus on their studies for a long time. Some people are highly inattentive, while some have god concentration power. The marks of your academics also depend upon how attentively you join your classes and mentally active in the classes. 
  7. Limited Idea on Symbols: If a student is not very much attentive in class, then they might be confused about which sign & symbol is used in a particular problem. If a student solves the problem but failed to put the correct symbols, then the teachers deduct their marks. So, be attentive and have proper knowledge of symbols and mathematical signs.
  8. Forgetting formulas: Math is all about formulas, so if you failed to memorize the tough formulas, then you have greater chances of getting lower marks. To recover from this situation, you should try to memorize the formulas by using shortcuts.

How we help your kids to overcome this?

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This is not possible to become good in everything, but a little effort and practice can help you to achieve something better than you deserve. Throwdown the fear of mathematics from your mind and try to be attentive and focused on your performance in CBSE mathematics!

Here is the ugliest truth revealed- Why students fail in mathematics!
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Here is the ugliest truth revealed- Why students fail in mathematics!

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