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Math: The Future of Programming

Mathematics is the universal language of numbers. Numbers are like water who can change their shape according to the way we want to program them. Math is something we have used since ancient times and it is also our future. Many scientists have learned that people that spent more time learning and solving puzzles since they were little developed a higher IQ than normal people. To solve puzzles, you need to think about the outcome of the solution just like math exercises. So why math is useful in the future is because math is the future of programming. We use math every day to program things with numbers in various math exercises in schools. For example, 2×3 = 6. This is an easy exercise, but this can help us with “Language Programming”. Language programming is a type of language which uses words and numbers to code. It’s similar to math exercises. For example, let’s take “Python” which is the easiest programming language online. In Python you can use numbers to code. Let’s take an example: “a” = 2. Now in python we know that “a” is equal to 2 but we need to print it. When we type the print option in python and the final result is 2 because we programmed it firstly. Let’s say that someone does another code in python: “b”= 7 + 8. Now in python we can print b. When we print b the result is 15 because that’s the final result of 7 and 8. Math is “essential” to programming languages.  Many people earn huge amount of money in programming jobs. Thanks to math programming becomes even easier.  It has helped humans collect data since the very beginning. School math teachers needs to completely change the way the lessons in their classes are being done. They need to focus more on online math exercises than traditional ones. Math teachers needs to teach students about Language Programming in middle schools because it can help them increase their brain activity and give them a bright future.  Someone can make thousands and thousands of dollars because of Math Language Programming.  Many developers are able to work in large platforms like Facebook, Google because of their experience with math numbers. Because if you want to code you need to know the numbers.  If teachers don’t want to change the way of the math lessons, then students should do something about it and raise their voices because their future depends on it.  Many people don’t hear the words “Math is art” but actually it is true because it shapes our mind.  It develops our reasoning, helps us to have analytical thinking.  The real problem today about math’s is because many people do not like it and since many people don’t show interest on it then its not easy to change the traditional lessons in class with new ones.  Mathematics helps students to develop “wisdom”.  In order for a person to gain wisdom its necessary to search for the truth.  And math students search every day for the truth every time they try to find the solution to a math problem.  Without them realizing math is developing their mind to raise their wisdom.  Math could bring change to the world and save many people life’s.  Many students who aim to become scientists firstly they need to have a high knowledge in the math world.  They can help the world to cure deadly diseases like cancer, HIV and many more.  We need more students who love math more than ever because they are the future to improve our world for better with their unique solution and reasoning.  It can help students to become inventors and builders in the future.  They can become engineers in robotic science.  Since the Covid-19 hit the world nowadays people are relying in robots to do delivery stuff to keep social distancing.  Math can help future students to come up with new inventions in the future.  Today exist many programming languages like python, java, java script, C++, Swift.  These programming languages can help many students to become “Expect Developers” since a young age. If many teachers would teach them this than students would be able to increase their reasoning and intellect. These programming languages can help students build apps which people need for their needs. Let’s say someone works at a bank and this person needs a calculator to manage and calculate bank monies every day. He needs a calculator. So how do we build a calculator? Students can build a calculator by using programming languages like Python or Java. Because to learn how these programming languages function firstly students’ needs to know math solutions. Because to program something you need to code numbers and it’s amazing how much mathematics can be useful in this area and in this way it helps people to build apps. Nowadays people are learning new ways to use math’s for their benefits and students needs to be taught better and more advanced math lessons in schools in order that they may be prepared in their future for new challenges.

Math: The Future of Programming
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Math: The Future of Programming

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