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How you can score 90+ in mathematics on class 10th board

The subject mathematics is considered as the most scoring subject in class 10th board. There are 60% of students who don’t like mathematics, and this is the bitter truth. For some students, Mathematics Class X book is frustrating, and for some, it is fun. But is it possible to learn mathematics in a fun way to score 90+ on boards? The answer will be yes! This is the top-scoring subject, and you can score more on your boards if you have potential and dedication. 

Is it possible to score 90+ in mathematics?

Nothing is possible when you have the willingness to learn and understand the Pythagoras Theorem Class 10. It needs patience and great potential to polish your numerical skills. Students generally feel panic in the exam when they saw the tough and tricky questions. They lose their confidence by checking the question paper, and here they make mistakes. They can’t complete papers on-time and scoreless in the exams. It happens with most of us generally just because we leave the questions unwillingly. This is the most disappointing situation that you ever felt in your life. So, to make you confident and strong, here we come up with a bunch of tricks. By applying these tricks, you can improve your mathematics skills and score 90+ in exams.

Can an average student score more in mathematics?

This is the most searched question on Google, and every average student wants to know its answer. This is a misconception that only a meritious student can score high in the Mathematics Class X. An average student has the same ability to think and solve analytical reasoning. If you want to fall in love with mathematics, then this article could help you. Well, you can’t approach all the things over one night. So, you have to practice some little things from right now. Now you don’t have to wish for an extraordinary mind to catch the mathematical and reasoning skills overnight. 

5 amazing tricks to score well in your 10th board:

As you know Mathematics Class X  board exams are about to come, so you need to put in double efforts. If you are preparing for the 10th board exams, then here we have summed up some exciting tricks that help you to score well. Using these tricks, you can put down all your exam pressures and buckle up with a mind full of confidence. So, without wasting time, let’s start to check out the tricks.

  1. Maintain a diary to register the essential things: It is challenging for most of the student to learn and remember the theorems. Mathematics is all about formulas, theories, and multiple methods. To learn and remember these things, you should maintain a copy or a register. Make sure it should be small and lightweight so that you can carry it wherever you want. In this way, you can read the important formulas while traveling by bus and car. This is beneficial for last-minute revision. Solve the tough problems: It is always good to solve various types of problems. It is easy to learn and remember the theories and equations. But what will you do when it comes to solving the problems? So, solve the tough question 3 to 4 times for better practice. 
  2. Understand the syllabus: Completing the syllabus before the exam is best, but it is also necessary to understand that. Keep your eyes on the topics that have more weightage. Well, you should cover all sections and put in a small effort. Try to invest more time in the topics which you feel tough. 
  3. Try for improvement: Realization always matters, and that’s why you should realize improvement areas. You can solve sample papers, online tests to improve your time to solve a question.
  4. Always try to answer in steps: always try to answer step by step. You can’t simply evaluate the answer and write them. You have to go through each step to determine an answer. If it’s a graphical question, then make sure you draw the figures and graphs also. In this way, you can get some marks for the right step.
  5. Make sure about the presentation: Always try to draw graphs and images to understand and evaluate the solution. Make sure your exam paper should b neat and clean. Don’t do rough work on the front pages. Avoid overwriting; otherwise, you will get minus marking for that. Make sure about your presentation to score high. Try to attempt the familiar questions. Try to cover the problems that contain high marking weightage. 


Mathematics plays a significant role in securing high marks on the 10th board. If you also want to achieve the highest score in Mathematics Class X, you can join the online learning classes. By joining these classes, you can achieve something more significant than your parents wish for you. 

How you can score 90+ in mathematics on class 10th board
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How you can score 90+ in mathematics on class 10th board

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