How you can memorize the tough mathematical formulas for the long time?

How you can memorize the tough mathematical formulas for the long time?

Most of the students spend long sleepless nights learning tough mathematics & physics formulas. But still, on the very next day, all the formulas vanished from their mind. Are you one of them? If you are feeling anxious about this, then don’t worry, this is normal! Almost every one of us has already gone through this phase. But today, we are going to share with you some of the most amazing strategies that help you to memorize every formula of mathematics and physics. Today we pick some of the best-proven strategies for you after consulting with the top educationalists. Mathematical formulas are something that you need to solve any mathematical questions. Therefore if you are getting low marks in Mathematics CBSE exams, then you should adopt these powerful ways for how to memorize tough mathematics formulas. 

Why is it necessary to memorize mathematical formulas?

The tough & complex mathematical formulas are the most difficult part of any math class. When it comes to algebra, then it’s the more daunting task. Therefore there are different methods and ways to how to memorize tough mathematics formulas. No matter what is your IQ level, you can remember all the formulas easily. In every mathematics examination, you need to use tough formulas to solve any question. You can’t choose any formulas randomly and put in the question to solve that; otherwise, you will get zero marks in the exam!

Proven ways to memorize tough mathematical formulas instantly:

  1. Practice regularly: Practice makes people perfect, so to become a perfect mathematician, you have to practice the mathematical formulas. You should have deep concentration and intense focus to memorize the lengthy and complicated mathematical formulas. When you practice something repeatedly, your brain understands the application and tries to remember this. For this, first, you have to develop an interest in this subject.

2. Relax your brain: You can’t learn and memorize everything when you are under deep stress. A stressed brain doesn’t have enough potential to memorize complex things. So, first, you have to relax your mind and focus on your task. To memorize the formulas at a 10X faster speed, you have to connect a concept to your visual memory. 

3. Keep a short note: This is the most traditional way that you have listened. Make a short diary and keep all the formulas in it. Keep this not with you, and keep your eyes on it whenever you have time. Along with that, you should write the formulas again and again. Our brain has a tendency to remember all the things that we write every time. So, write down all the formulas repeatedly and stick this on your wall near your study table. 

4. Give practical test: After learning the formulas, most students think it is in their minds. But after a few time, it vanished from their mind. So, to overcome this, you should give a practical test to check your memory. After memorizing the formula, try to solve some questions related to this without overlooking the formula. 

5. Understand the basic concept: Before memorizing any formula, try to understand the basic concept. Before moving ahead, know the meaning of each and every word. When you know the entire reason or meaning behind a formula, then it will be easy to memorize. 

6. Keep all the distractions away: While memorizing the tough, complex mathematical formulas, you should keep all the distractive things away from your eye. Try to keep away all the gadgets and physical desires side. 

7. Use fast memorizing tricks: No matter which kind of formula you want to learn. You should use shortcut tricks to memorize any formula for a long time. Many comic ways help you to learn formulas in a faster way. Try to check those small tricks in Google and videos.

8. Sleep after remembering this: Before going to your bedtime, you should think about the formulas first. When you think about something before going to your bed, then your brain has the power to remembering it 10X faster.

9. Listen to the videos: You can also listen to the youtube videos or download the audio of formulas. Closely listen to your instructor because your brain will receive things faster when you listen to the things in a faster way. Never memorize the formulas with just one glance; review them again and again!

10. Be healthy: Besides all these things, you should focus on your health. Try to add nuts that help to boost up your memory. Along with that, you should practice yoga to improve your memory power. A healthy body and efficient brain is something that improves your memory power. 


Now there is no need to worry about getting the lower marks on mathematics exams. Remember these small basic tips on how to memorize tough mathematics formulas and grab good marks in your CBSE exams. 

How you can memorize the tough mathematical formulas for the long time?
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How you can memorize the tough mathematical formulas for the long time?

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