How is math used in Cyber Security?

How is math used in Cyber Security?

Cyber security is one of the dream careers of candidates. There is an amazing hike in this field up to 33%, and this will be to going to hike continuously for the next ten years. Every day there are thousands of jobs that are adding to this list. Want to make a career on this? Math is the most challenging subject and helps people who want to build their future in cyber security. In this article, we will check how much math you need to pursue your career. Everyone wants to earn a six-figure salary, but for that, all you need is to improve your mathematics.

 How much math do you need for cybersecurity?

If you want to join the entry-level cyber security career, you only need to improve the basic mathematic concepts. The basic mathematic concept includes binary, programming tasks, and cryptography. In cyber security, you don’t need to learn calculus.

But yes, you need to learn cyber security degree programs and other advanced careers. So, let’s take a look at how basic mathematics is enough to make a career in cyber security. To be a part of the cyber security world, you need to know how to use mathematics concepts.

What Kind of Math is Used in Cybersecurity?

When you go for the future in cyber security, you should have the idea of entry-level and mid-level. To be a cyber security analyst, you need to cover the basic chapters of mathematics. A cyber security analyst performs so many things for a company. He is responsible for balancing security systems, networks, company programs, and many more tasks. 

  • Binary Number Theory: With the help of binary number theory, to create and routing IP addresses. This mathematical system only works for the values “0” and “1”. Computer networks work based on this, and that’s why you should have the proper idea on this. This is also be there in your curriculum of Cyber security classes. If you have knowledge of python, then it will definitely make some sense.
  • Boolean Algebra:  This is the major part of the computer programming language that defines the logical operations using two values, “true” and “false.” Boolean algebra manipulates those values with the help of logical functions. This is also useful in coding language. Most of the cyber security training programs include this as a part of their curriculum.
  • Complex Numbers: Most of the CBSE class X students thought there was no benefit to solving complex numbers. Wait, you are wrong; in reality, it will be helpful in your career. The use of complex numbers will pop up in the process of cyber security. 
  • Cryptography: This is another field that is widely helpful for making a career in cyber security. It helps in the field of information security, network security, to encode communication by protecting the systems. The math is also useful in cryptography which is either simple or complex level. Complex math is necessary for the high-level engineer who is responsible for designing complex algorithms. This is the skill that you need to develop in your entire career.

Are you scared?

So, are you scared? There is no need to fear when you have the basic and advanced knowledge of Mathematics. Focus on the above-discussed mathematics topic in your academics. If you want to make your career in this, you need a basic understanding of Boolean and linear algebra, binary number theory, and cryptography.

You need to strengthen your mathematical skills to get genuine cybersecurity certifications. To be a skilled cyber security expert, you need to gain skills of higher or advanced level. If you start now, then you have enough time to develop your math knowledge. There are plenty of online programs that you can join once you clear your intermediate program. If you want to succeed in your career, you also need to develop some skills that are mentioned below.

Preparing Yourself for a Career in Cybersecurity

Most cyber security program doesn’t contain high-level mathematics. But this program contains the curriculum that includes:

  • Here, you will learn about how to protect data and company’s information systems
  • In this course, you will learn about vulnerability analysis and testing
  • Check how to defend Monitor and computer networks
  • Learn about the basics of security policies and procedures

Summary: Cybersecurity is a highly demanding technical career field, and to succeed to make future in cyber security, all you need is to develop skills and stretch your knowledge. Make your career in this hottest field. 

How is math used in Cyber Security?
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How is math used in Cyber Security?

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