How is geometry helping us in our day to day life?

How is geometry helping us in our day to day life?

Geometry refers to the Greek word “Geo” and “Metron”, which directly refers to the Earth and Measurement. This is one of the interesting topics that are there in your mth book of class X. Currently, you might feel that there is no role of geometry in shaping our future, but you are wrong. Geometry plays a great role in determining the volumes, areas, and lengths. In this article, we are going to share the role of geometry in future and how important geometry is. 

As you know, we are more attracted to the diverse designs, shapes, and colours. We mostly pick fabrics that have some fascinating patterns, eye-catching covers, captivating patterns, jewellery and many more! The different shapes of geometry play a crucial role in developing cognitive skills in children during their initial stage. Here are some roles of geometry that helps to shape your future in a different industry.

Roles of geometry in future:

  1. Nature: The most live example of geometry is Nature. If you see this closely, you will find the different shapes ad patterns of leaves and flowers. If you see the model of the human digestive system, it is in the shape of a tube that also refers to geometry. Different trees have different shapes and symmetries. Even it goes same with the vegetables too. There are so many things like this in nature that determine geometry is all over here with us for a lifetime.
  2. Technology: Geometry is also useful in technology and in the field of computer science. This is useful for building video games, robots and in many other concepts too. Because of the theory of geometry, computer developers are able to work. It helps to design complex graphics in video games. It allows a 2-D map for stimulating to take the world of 3-D video games. 
  3. For interior designing: Geometry also plays a crucial role in interior designing. It gives so many ideas to the builders, civil engineers and interior designers to choose so many patterns to decorate a building. You can see different shapes of windows, beds, doors, chairs, TV, tables, mats, rugs, cushions, etc., have different shapes. It makes a home presentable when you decorate your home with different paintings and decorative pieces, which are of different geometric shapes.
  4. Architecture: Geometry is useful in construction buildings too. Before constructing an architectural design for the home, geometry helps o make the structural blueprint of that. Even the architectural designs of the sixth century are also made with the theories of Geometry. With the help of this, the architectures build a strong construction that can last for long hours.
  5. Art: Art is the meaning of forming patterns and figures, especially in the 2-D & 3-D art. To make a career in painting, you need to grab some ideas about spatial concepts, patterns, estimation & measurement. There is a close relationship between art and geometry. 
  6. Sport: It also helps in the industry of sports. The athletic fields and the sports stadiums are made by considering geometric shapes. If you notice that the hockey, basketball, soccer, and football fields are rectangular in shape. At the same time, Angles are also important for predicting the movement of the players.
  7. Designing: The role of geometry is also infinite in the creation of animated designs and all. In the artistic industry, almost every element of designing is entitled to geometric proportions.
  8. CAD: Before finalizing and designing any architectural design is made, software CAD helps to render the visual images on the screen. It creates the blueprint of the design. Moreover, The principles of geometry are being useful extensively in various industrial processes.
  9. Mapping: This is also applied for measuring the distance. It helps to calculate the accurate distance and also help in astronomy. It is helpful to map the distances between stars & planets. This is also useful for surveying and navigation. The basic operation of geometry is also helpful for the navigation of ships, watercraft, and aircraft and other basic operations.
  10.  Medicine: The use of geometry is also infinite in the field of medicine and hospitality. The healthcare tools like x-rays, MRIs, ultrasounds, and nuclear imaging needs to reconstruct the shape of bones which is possible due to the application of geometry. The role of geometry is also there in the field of visualization, image segmentation, manipulation, correction, and object representation. 

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How is geometry helping us in our day to day life?
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How is geometry helping us in our day to day life?

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