A Guide to all those students who are preparing for math Olympiad 2021

A Guide to all those students who are preparing for math Olympiad 2021

Being a part of the international math Olympiad is the dream of many students. To qualify for this exam, a student needs to make plenty of effort. It needs time and energy to solve an Olympiad question. The main aim of conducting this exam is to identify the raw talents and to give them wings to fly high in their career. The level of questions in this exam is quite challenging. To clear this exam, students need strong reasoning and analytical power. This is the platform where student can show their skills by solving tough math problems. There are so many students who are working hard for this exam. If you are one of them, then here we decide the beginner’s guide for qualifying for the math Olympiad exam 2021. 

 Basic information regarding International Math Olympiad 2021

To be a candidate for Math Olympiad 2021, you don’t need any specific qualities; anyone, starting from class 1 to 12 students can appear in this exam. The exam is conducted into two levels. Level two is conducted only for class III and above. Only 5% of the students who ranked in the first level will be chosen for this. When it comes to the syllabus, then it is based on the CBSE and ICSE board. 

There are four sections that you have to qualify separately for getting ranked in the Olympiad. These four sections include Logical reasoning, Mathematical reasoning, Everyday mathematics, and Achiever’s section. The total marks and number of questions vary depending upon the grade.

If anyone wants to know about the application process, then they can ask to their school premises. You can also apply this online by going through its official website. Now let’s get back to our topic and try to understand how it is beneficial for students.

Why should students prepare for this exam?

The International Olympiad is a platform for student that is helpful for showing their skills and talent. If a student has deep knowledge about the math subject, then he/she should apply for this exam. For this, all you need is a sharp mind and abilities to solve tough problems with easy rules. This exam helps students to solve complex problems in minimum time. When you have good knowledge of subjects like math, English, and science, then you not only qualify for the Olympiad but also get good marks in your grade. 

Appearing in this Math Olympiad exam 2021 gives you confidence and helps you to achieve your goals. Therefore, here we give some amazing tips that help to get good marks in the exam.

Tips and Tricks to get good marks in math Olympiad:

If you are preparing for this exam for the very first time, then you should make the step-by-step strategies to qualify for the exam.

  • Go through the syllabus: You should go through the syllabus before making any strategies. You can go through their official website and make a strategy according to the syllabus. Choose the tough topics and then move with the easiest one. In this way, you can timely complete your preparation.
  • Get the necessary books: After preparing a study plan, try to collect all the necessary books and resources. It is always important to collect the right resources first. Choose the books that contain all the topics relevant to the syllabus. You should also check previous year sample papers, Olympiad skill development system, mock tests, and workbooks.
  • Practice and lots of practice: When it comes to qualifying for the Olympiad, then you should practice more and more. This is the key secret to qualify the exam. You need lots of practice with proper assessment. Stick with your study schedule and prepare every topic before the deadline. Don’t forget to revise the things the night before sleep that you have done all day.
  • Choose your comfy environment: To prepare for the exam, you need a peaceful space. Choose a place where you can get less distraction. Select a place that is calm and quiet, and you can solve problems without any disturbance. Learn your mathematical class book series and solve each and every question to score best.
  • Self-realization is necessary: You should take some time for self-realization. Check the area of your strength and weakness. It will help you to check the areas where you need to put more efforts. Learn from your mistakes and then again start with the new strategies and new confidence.


A positive mind and relaxed body are all you need to prepare your best for any exam. Make your own strategies for Math Olympiad exam 2021and just go for it with confidence, and that’s it.

A Guide to all those students who are preparing for math Olympiad 2021
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A Guide to all those students who are preparing for math Olympiad 2021
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