Probability & its importance in real life

Probability and its importance in real life

When we flip a coin, then the outcome may be a head or a tail. But what if we toss 2 or 3 coins at the same time? In this case, we have to predict the result which is known as probability. Probability is one of the easiest chapter that is available in the Maths CBSE book. If you have any confusion in this chapter, then you can check the probability classes online. This is mostly popular in multiple fields like sports, weather reports, statistics, medical field, and all. Today we are going to talk about real-life examples of probability. 

The role of probability in mathematics:

Probability is a part of mathematics which is used in the studies of statistics, in the gambling game, artificial agency, machine learning, and game theory. This is all about the study of outcomes that are not constant. The probability is used mostly at the time of flipping a coin, playing a dice, choosing a card from the bundles, and winning a lottery. This is the mathematics chapter that allows you to gain maximum marks on your exams by joining the probability classes online.

Probability & its importance in real life

 If you understand the basics of probability, you can battle with the barriers that come your way to solve the questions of CBSE math X. Therefore, if you want to score more on this, then purchase or download the free videos of probability classes online. We use this to check the rate of a task happening or not. To experience some real-life uses of probability, let’s move on to the next section.

Amazing examples of probability in real life:

  • Weather Planning: The weather experts around the world use probability to finding out the weather changes. Probability is helpful to find out an assessment role of how an event can occur and what the percentage is. They collect all the reports and then find out the temperature or condition of a day, week, or month.
  • Sports Strategies: Probability plays a key role in making the game strategies. The players or coaches use this to understand the strengths and weaknesses of a particular team. The game analyst uses this strategy to find out the performance of a team and the players. In this way, they check how their team is strong and the areas where they need to put some extra effort. Some analysts also use this strategy to decide which team player will be playing on a specific round and against whom.
  • Insurance companies: The insurance companies use probability while giving a policy. They use this theory to find out the premium rate. They use this term while giving insurance to the alcoholic person or a healthy person. The statistical analysis helps to find out the financial risk while filing a claim.
  • In games: Did you ever know that games like video games, poker, gambling, and blackjack games are based on probability? With the help of probability, you can find out the chances to win a game. This is also helpful for finding out the blood groups and political strategies.
  • In politics: Most politicians use probability to find out the election result. They try to count the result of exit polls according to a party’s popularity and strategies.
  • Preparing reports: Most of the experts who find out the things surrounded by us to prepare the report use this theory. They use this theory to find out the chances of happening a certain task. These are mostly used in preparing future reports for presentations, project, or many more.
  • Lottery tickets: According to us, Winning a lottery is based on your luck; that is the major misconception. Instead of luck, this is based on the role of probability. This is the most real-life example of probability. 
  • In decision making: Probability also plays a great role in the field of making decisions. When you are in confusion and can’t reach the specific solution, then it could help you.
  • Medical decision: When a patient is undergoing surgery, the doctors also uses the probability to share the success rate.
  • In traffic signals: Along with the above field, the traffic signals also uses probability to control traffic flow on the highways. 


Other than this, when we type something in our phone, then it shows some suggestions related to the words because of the role of probability. If you want to learn some more amazing terms of mathematics, then keep in touch with us!

Probability and its importance in real life
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Probability and its importance in real life

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